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Services & Pricing

Because each business is unique, we tailor services based on your business needs. We start off with a free consultation where we discuss any back work needed, filing deadlines and what you'll need to keep your business running with the most up to date information.


Our fee structure allows you to budget for these services, not having to worry about surprises, and peace of mind knowing you can contact us with any questions or advice you may need!


Below are a few of services we can provide, with a full price list at time of consultation.

Our Services



Start Up

  • Free consultation of business needs

  • New business start up kit

  • Accounting software choice 

  • Setup and tutorial of new software


Whether you want to participate in your bookkeeping, simply search for data or generate reports, we will assist ​you with feeling comfortable doing so.


Full Cycle

  • Sort and Organized source documents

  • Recording daily business transactions in accounting software

  • Monthly bank and credit account reconciliations

  • Accounts receivable invoicing

  • Adjusting entries to keep books clean

  • Quarterly financial reports

  • Year end preparation

  • Open communication with Accountant 

  • Unlimited client support

We are transitioning to all cloud based formats for easy accessibility for our clients.


Our current programs we use are:

Sage 50

Sage Accounting

Quickbooks Online

AgExpert Accounting



  • Maintain employee records
  • Process weekly/biweekly/monthly payroll
  • Provide paystubs for employee distribution
  • Provide summary/detailed payroll reports
  • T4 & ROE **additional charge

Additional Services




  • Cleanup of previous bookkeeping (if required)

  • Multi-year bookkeeping and organization

  • CRA filing

When you're busy running your business we know bookkeeping can fall behind so we will take the time to get your financials up-to-date.



  • On-site bookkeeping

  • Documentation collection or drop off

  • On-site training


Majority of our bookkeeping services are preformed at our office but in the cases where travel is necessary we will come to you.



  • Review of ITC's

  • Appropriate adjustments for clean filing

  • GST filed based on CRA Deadlines

All full cycle bookkeeping services include GST Filing and monitoring CRA accounts.

Contracts & Payment Terms

We are excited to work with you and assist you with your bookkeeping needs. Here are a few details for you to consider before we get to work!

Letter of Engagement

You will be asked to review and sign our Letter of Engagement outlining the services you've requested, length of engagement and fees based on your businesses needs.

Payment Terms

Billing will be generated on a monthly basis of the agreed flat rate for services provided.  

Catch-up or back work may require a 50% deposit due to time sensitivity.

Fee Structure

New clients will be subject to our hourly rate to start and client files being reviewed after 90 days before moving to a flat rate fee structure.

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