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The Full Story


Diverse Ledgers provides bookkeeping services to a wide range of entrepreneurs.  The introduction to bookkeeping came shortly after being volunteered to maintain the books for my husbands trucking business as I had basic accounting knowledge... and I was free!  I quickly learned that I really enjoyed bookkeeping and wanted to expand my experience.  Education has always been very important, so I attended NAIT to complete my Office Accounting Systems Certificate which led me to the Institute of Certified Professional Bookkeepers.  I became certified with CPB and started evolving my bookkeeping business which eventually became Diverse Ledgers.  After over 10 years of being in this industry I truly enjoy and appreciate the work that we do, and the clients we work with.   

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, we hope to hear from you!

Amanda Deyell, CPB

Diverse Ledgers


Meet the Team

This is the team that keeps everything moving!  Our clients work closely with both of us as we know its important to have accessibility to every detail.

Administrative Assistant

Jasmine Lewis

Fun Fact

The name Diverse Ledgers signifies the
diverse clients we work with, from farmers
to caterers, and ledgers is an obvious
accounting term.
The initials DL is also the proper
pronunciation of Deyell!

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